Food|Waves cultivates food justice and access to healthy food in Clackamas County and the surrounding communities.

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A tax-deductible donation to FOOD Waves will make a huge difference in the effort to spread knowledge and awareness about how our food systems work. 

Most importantly it will help to show kids and adults alike how to improve their own food security situation by learning how to garden at school, in their backyard, or on a subsistence level on the farm/homestead.  Make healthy food a priority in your life and help us help others make a priority in theirs as well!

Happy Summer from FOOD Waves!


Any Donation amount will be welcomed, and it will make a valuable difference in our ability to make our programs a reality.  From five dollars to five hundred to five thousand, Food|Waves' commitment to affecting positive social, agricultural, and environmental change through growing local food gets much closer as we are able to find financial support for our endeavors.

Food waves is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization.  All donations, whether cash or tangible object, are tax-deductible.  We accept checks payable to Food Waves, or you can make a payment securely using your credit card through PayPal by following the link at the bottom of the page.

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Food|Waves and Converging Creeks Farm have many projects that we are or would like to be working on.  As with many things, their completion depends highly on having the funds to do so.  The following is a break-down of our ambitions. Let us know if you have a particular interest in participating in specific projects, and we can tell you when we are going to tackle it. Also, if you or someone you know is interested in making a donation towards a specific project, please Contact Us or make a tax-deductible donation below.  Thank You!



Projects to streamline the farm and/or make it more profitable:


»  Greenhouses - Small and Large: $2,000 - $6,000

It turns out Bonney Rd is on average 10 degrees colder than Portland and even 5 degrees colder than Colton proper which is 2 miles away...a product of the topography of the valley in which we sit.  Greenhouses are going to be the way that we can up our production of warmer crops and be harvesting 11 - 12 months of the year!  We already have the frame for a second 30' x 40' greenhouse which $4,000 would finish, or we could build new 30' x 100' houses for $6,000 each. 

»  Roadside Produce Stand: $1,000

We need a roadside stand for people to stop by the farm and pick up our produce.  This will make it much more efficient and easy for locals to shop here if they do not need to coordinate with our schedules.  This would serve as the pick-up point for CSA food shares as well.

»  Mobile Chicken Coop: $2,000

Our Poultry operation is in the process of growing.  We are increasing our Thanksgiving turkey numbers to 50 birds, and we are adding at least another 50 more egg laying chickens to meet the demand for these delicious beauties. As our flocks grows they will need more space to roam and scratch the grass in their natural habit.  We already have a trailer frame, we just need to build up the structure and buy some portable fencing to keep the birds in and the predators out.

»  Animal Housing: $1,000/house

We have 4 milking goats and this year we raised 2 pigs for meat.  We are breeding our 4 goats this year, and we will raise more pigs next year.  As their numbers increase, so do their housing needs.  We need more structures and more fencing.  Think happy goats browsing on grass and shrubs and pigs digging in the dirt eating whatever they find!

»  Tractor/Equipment Shed: $1,500

As of now, all of the implements are homeless in the rain.  They will last much longer once we get a roof over their head!

»  Plant Blueberries, Raspberries and Strawberries: $1,000

Farm diversity is the key to small farm success.  Berries not only taste wonderful, but they grow oh so well in this climate!


Funds for Schools


»  Educational garden creation: $1,000 per bed

We currently have several active garden beds at schools in the area.  We are ready to put in more in many more schools, but we are lacking the funds to do so.  Local businesses and low-income neighborhoods are also great candidates for this type of work.  The possibilities are virtually endless here...

»  Garden consulting: More funds = more gardens = more food

Our time is valuable.  Once beds are created, there is support needed to keep everything on track.  With funding we can also rehabilitate beds that have already been created, but need soil, plants, and attention.

»  Get farm produce to school: More funds = more food in children's mouths

Schools in Oregon are limited to buying their produce from the lowest bidder.  This also means that they often get the lowest quality food that is coming from far away mega-farms.  We would like to be able to sell our food to schools, hospitals, prisons, etc at low costs if we could subsidize the cost of the food with grants or donations.

Projects for Intern & Apprentice



»  Intern/Apprentice Cabin: $5,000

We work hard to educate people who want to learn about growing sustainable food.  Our students work hard too, and their education is more complete if they can live comfortably on the property.  Currently they must live in tents or off site.  A small cabin where a few people could stay warm and dry would be fantastic!

»  Humanure Composting Toilet: $1,000

We all go, and what better way to deal with this reality than to turn our waste in to food for other plants.  Humanure is safe to apply to fruit trees and other plants that are not in the veggie garden. We have the toilet, and a base structure, but some extra funding will turn that into a sweet place to take care of business.

»  Apprentice Funding: $5,000 per full-time apprentice

Farming is an industry of low margins, and therefore it is all about scale - the bigger the farm, the bigger the profit.  We are still very small, and our profits aren't big enough to sustain all that we are doing.  Money for apprentices keeps us growing, and it provides up and coming farmers the opportunity to gain extremely valuable experiences that will take them into their farming futures.



»  Grant Writer Funding: $2,000 - $5,000

Up to now we have been writing our grants in house without compensation.  As a young non-profit we cannot afford to hire a professional grant writer, and we cannot take funds from our grants to to pay the grant writers unless it is specifically allocated in the grant.  This funding would no doubt go a long way to helping us on our path.

»  Food|Waves Managerial Salary Aid: $10,000 - $30,000

All Food|Waves employees currently have other jobs as we build this from the ground up using mostly our own limited funds to get it up and running.  This clearly limits our progress as none of us are able to devote the kind of time and energy it takes to make a venture such as this reach the lofty goals we have set for ourselves.

»  Restore Old Barn: $15,000

Our 70+ year-old barn is so beautiful and so in need of love.  The north side of its foundation is giving way to rot and sinking.  It needs to be jacked up, and then it needs a new post and beam system to keep it from falling in to the earth sometime in the future. 


***note: you do not have to be a member of PayPal in order to use this service***


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Thank You so much for considering making a donation.

We could not do this without the support of our community!