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POP Box (Pick Organic Produce)

Custom Produce Packaged Just For You - A modified CSA

We have a new program to make it easier for you to get our food on your table. 


Our online order form is currently undergoing maintenance.  For the time being please refer to the produce availability list below.


You can contact Nathan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 503-830-5164 to place your order.

Pick ups are Friday afternoon at the farm or Saturday morning at the PSU Farmer's Market.


July 13, 2017



Wasabi Arugula

"Wild" Arugula

Spicy Cress


Micro Greens

Lettuce: Mixed Salad Greens (Bag)

Lettuce: Butter Oak

Lettuce: Green Butter

Lettuce: Red Butter

Lettuce: Red Leaf

Lettuce: Red Oak

Lettuce: Little Gem

Lettuce: Mini Green Romaine

Lettuce: Mini Red Romaine





Swiss Chard


Summer Squash



Pasture-Raised Eggs






May 2017

This Week's Fresh Produce Availability

***This is not currently working***




Here is how it works:



  •  You pay $100
  • Every week we will update our list (click the "Order Now" button or the availability link) of what we have available.
  • You email your order to us through the "Order Now" button.
  • Pick up will most often be Friday afternoon. It could be earlier if your order is small.  This could vary depending on the week and your needs.  Pick ups are at the farm.
  • Other pick up locations TBD - The more people in your town that sign up, the easier it will be to get a drop point in that town so tell your friends and get them involved!
  • We debit your account for whatever you purchase that week.


With this program you have complete flexibility.  Order as much or as little as you like each week.  If you go out of town, no problem!

When your account balance reaches $0, you can buy in again!





For more details or to make your first payment, contact Nathan

503-830-5164  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Of course you can still visit us at the:

Saturday Farmer's Market at PSU in Portland (Every Saturday, June - October)




What We Grow

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