Food|Waves cultivates food justice and access to healthy food in Clackamas County and the surrounding communities.

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Small Farms Homesteading Internship Program (SFHIP)

  • Offers hands-on training opportunities for future farmers to learn the skills necessary to operate an organic farm with an emphasis on community education and charitable support to those in need.
  • For those with a more homesteading or food security mindset, our farm serves as a demonstration plot so they can learn the tricks of the trade that they can apply to their home efforts for improved efficiency and success.
  • In the near future we are excited to incorporate a comprehensive, multi-year training curriculum which gives participants the opportunity to manage their own parcel of land to gain experience in all facets of running a small farm business.
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Garden Education Program (GEP)

  • Reaches out to schools, students, and their families through innovative educational opportunities to learn sustainable practices implemented by organic farmers. 
  • Establishes on-site educational gardens for direct, hands-on learning experiences geared towards teaching individuals, groups and businesses/organizations how to raise food for their own subsistence.
  • Participates in community events (farmer's markets, festivals, etc) to offer support and education.
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Gift Gardens for Healthy Harvest Program (GHP)

  • Promotes food security for low-income families by providing the start-up materials and training to be able to grow their own food.
  • Provides organic fruits and vegetables to food banks in order to give those in need a healthy diet.
  • Offers local, premium, organic food to schools at conventional prices where schools must buy from the least expensive supplier (future goal - funding dependent).



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